Weekend Getaways Near Vadodara

Weekend Getaways Near Vadodara

1.  Ajwa & Nimeta Gardens

Ajwa garden is situated at a distance of 23 Km. from Vadodara and it covers an extensive area of 130 acres. Major attractions are the colorful fountain, Musical dancing fountain for the visitors. Fountains are operated every Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and other public holidays i.e. Independence day, Republic day, Christmas, Ramzan-Id, Sharad Purnima, and Gaurivrat (Jagran). It contains a large lawn plot, colorful flowers, trees, palms, and children’s play equipment.

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2. Pavagadh (Champaner)

Pavagadh is a Hill Station and a Municipality in the Panchmahal district about 46 kilometers (29 mi) away from Vadodara in Gujarat state in western India. It is known for its famous Mahakali temple which draws thousands of pilgrims every day. It is a tribal area populated predominantly by the Rathwas. The area of this locality Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park was inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2004.
Kalika Mata Temple, a famous Hindu pilgrim center, is located at Pavagadh. Situated amid dense forest cover on a cliff, the temple is believed to be one of the 51 Shakti Peeths. Maa Mahakalika Udan Khosla ( A Passenger Ropeway ) is operating since 1986 and takes you quickly and comfortably from Manchi to the hilltop near the Maha Kalika Temple in about 6 minutes, whereas, the steep climb on foot takes over one hour. The temple of Kali is at a height of 550 meters (1,523 feet). A rope-way facility has been made available(commissioned in 1986 ) for tourists to reach the temple. About 250 steps have to be climbed from there.

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3. Hathni Mata Waterfall

The Hathni Mata waterfalls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India, are 100 meters tall and surrounded by green carpeted hills with flowers and floras. The scenic beauty of falls and wet breeze with the music of water gurgling and falling on rocks will take you to another world. The Hathni Mata waterfalls are located in Jambughoda, @30km from Pavagadh and approximately 80km from Vadodara. It is one of the must-visit places in Jambughoda during rainy days of monsoon. The name Hathni was derived by the local tribal community from the rock that looks like a baby elephant at the base of the waterfall. The tribal community strongly believes in the Hathni Mata hence fairs are also held on some occasions, mainly in winter. Although Hathni Mata waterfalls are very popular among youngsters and local communities, due to their location and seasonal rush, it is one of many unspoiled jewels of Jambughoda and the best waterfalls near Vadodara.

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4. Dakor

Dakor, in its earlier phases as a pilgrimage center in Gujarat, was famous for the Danknath temple, a place of Shiva worship. In the later phases, it developed into a Vaishnavite center with the growing fame of Ranchhodraiji [form of Lord Shri Krishna] temple, which was built in 1772 A.D. Today this place is known not only as a pilgrimage center but also as a trading center where one can get articles related to puja, and other rituals. Recently, Dakor is included as one of the six major pilgrimage places under the “Yatradham Vikas Board” by the Government of Gujarat for development as a well-planned and well-organized pilgrimage place to facilitate the lacs and lacs of visiting pilgrims. More than 70–80 lacs of pilgrims visit the place every year and a continuous increase is witnessed every year.

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5. Vadhavana Bird Sanctuary

Vadhwana is a small hamlet located about 50 km. from Vadodara. The route goes from Vadodara through Dabhoi to Vadhwana. It has a huge lake with about a 2km radius. There are watchtowers placed at 1 km intervals on the periphery of the lake. Forest Dept. has deputed personnel with fairly good knowledge about the local flora & fauna. Surprisingly, they even have a good quality Celestron telescope for the visitors (humans) to gaze through.

The forest department has set up some primary infrastructure with 3-4 rooms, a small makeshift restaurant, and a small play area. In fact, this infrastructure was set up to be an Interpretation Centre. We generally carry our lunch whenever we come here. We had our lunch, rested for some time, and then headed back home, taking a very satisfying feeling within us for having had a very successful visit.

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6. Dediapada

This campsite is situated at the foot of the hills Malsamot, amidst, teak forests with sunset, sunrise, valley viewpoints, bracing cool climate and the Ninai waterfalls are breathtaking. It is a 2-hour drive around a winding road from Rajpipla located inside the Dediapada Wildlife Sanctuary. These waterfalls and hills of Malsamot offer a splendid picnic location and nature trip near Rajpipla.

Other sightseeing areas nearby include the bathing ghats on the River Narmada at Chandod and Garudeshwar, the fort at Dabhoi, waterfalls, and the Jain temples of Jagadia.

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