5 Best Weekend Gateway Destinations Around Delhi

5 Best Weekend Gateway Destinations Around Delhi

Do you wonder what avenues Delhi has other than its known monuments, museums, art galleries, shopping markets, and malls? Delhi has more to it that has remained unknown to the public for a long. We bring you some lesser-known attractions in Delhi that you would love to visit. After all, all of us wait for the weekend, and what is a weekend that is not well spent?

1. Ghazipur Phool Mandi

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Visit Ghazipur Phool Mandi, a wholesale flower market to drench your spirit in the invigorating aroma of blooms. Stroll through the narrow paths of the mandi to amuse your faculties with delightfully adorned stalls of lilies, roses, orchids, marigolds, carnations, and many more varieties of flowers. Since the market opens at 4 pm, you should reach here early to witness the breathtaking experience.

Nearest Metro:  AnandVihar, ISBT

2. Sanjay Van 

Source: http://www.isayorganic.com/blog/a-walk-in-sanjay-van/

Sanjay Van is a sprawling lush green forest spread over an area of 783 acres in South Delhi. It has two entry gates one being at Aruna Asaf Ali road and the other near Qutub Minar. It is a treat for nature lovers who love to stroll amidst the greenery. Cycling enthusiasts can enjoy cycling on the dirt track. Not to forget, it is a bird watchers’ paradise and is also home to Neelgai and Deer.   

For those of you who may have heard accounts of this place being spooky, I would suggest you visit the place in the morning. This is to appreciate the tranquillity of nature that will influence you to overlook your feelings of dread and cast nature’s spell on you.

Nearest Metro: Chhatarpur

3. Chunamahal Haveli

Source:  https://www.chunnamalhaveli.com/chunnamal-haveli-gallery/

If you have a taste for vintage and historical architecture, then Chunamahal Haveli situated in the heart of ChandniChowk, Old Delhi is a must-visit. The haveli which is close to 170 years old is beautifully maintained with Belgium mirrors adorning its walls and chandeliers with candle sockets spelling exuberance. Its walls are lined with artwork and pictures of celebrities who have visited this place. The Haveli is spread over one acre of land with 128 rooms built on three floors and has a terrace that gives a panoramic view of ChandniChowk. 

Nearest Metro: ChandniChowk

4. MirzaGhalib Ki Haveli

Literature lovers who have been ardent fans of Mirza Ghalib would have definitely wondered where he resided while he wrote the masterpieces that we still hold close to our hearts. Mirza Ghalib Ki Haveli is situated in Ballimaran lane in Chandni Chowk. This mansion was home to Ghalib during the last phase of his life from 1860 to 1869. This haveli is a museum displaying some of the most celebrated couplets of Ghalib written in his own handwriting. Apart from his collection of work, it also has replicas of the utensils and hookah used by him. It also showcases the last-ever photograph of Ghalib. 

Nearest Metro:  Chawri Bazar

5. Jahaz Mahal

Jahaz Mahal is situated in the Mehrauli Complex in South Delhi. Built in the late 15th and early 16th century, Jahaz Mahal got its name due to the beautiful reflection that the monument would create on the Reservoir Lake or tank Hauz-i-Shamsi built during the Slave dynasty by Sultan Illtutmish. Visit this place for its historic importance and beautiful architecture. It has a huge courtyard in its center and beautifully carved chhatris and pillars. 

Nearest Metro: Qutub Minar

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