5 Adventures Spots You Must Visit Before You Die

5 Adventures Spots You Must Visit Before You Die

Today we live in a busy world. We all are earning money to live our lives, but don’t get enough time to live life to the fullest. Our office and home have become our whole world,  And during the pandemic, for some people, their home has become their whole world as they are still working from home. This pandemic has also taught us that life has no surety and you don’t know about the future. If anything you have is this moment. So don’t just rush to make your future wealthy. Enjoy your present and try to experience some adventure. Let’s go out and visit some places in the world. Following are five Adventures spots you must visit before you die. Get an amazing experience by visiting these places.

1) Yongala shipwreck – Yongala was a luxury passenger ship. This Yongala ship sank during a cyclone. There were a total of 122 people on the ship, and no one survived. This shipwreck lies in the central area of the Great Barrier Reef marine park. It is Australia’s famous wreck dive. It is 33 meters deep. This shipwreck is a national historical wreck. Have you ever imagined swimming with some unique corals, turtles, and small and giant fish. This yongala shipwreck diving will give you a chance to experience the same. It is a must experience you should have once in a lifetime.

2) Sahara desert– Sahara desert is in Africa. In the Sahara desert, so many dinosaur fossils are found. The unique thing about the Sahara desert is it is mostly rocky. The temperature will be too high to handle during the day, and the temperature will be too high at night. You have perhaps experienced skateboarding on the road, but have you ever listened to or imagined  Skateboarding in a desert? Skateboarding in the Sahara desert is a next-level experience. It is a must adventure you should experience.

3) Dyer Island in South Africa– In South Africa, there is a small town known as “Ganbaai.” It is around 100 kms away from cape town, and you will be there in only 3 hours. From here, you can take a boat ride to reach Dyer Island. Dyer Island has the best marine wildlife trip for you. Here you can experience cage diving with white sharks, where you will be in a protective cage in the water, and there will be proper equipments for oxygen, like a cylinder or hookah. Here there are cage diving operators who are very careful about their work, attracting sharks by scenting the water. Here you will see the white sharks in their natural habitat. This is the most amazing experience you should have.

4) Iceland – Iceland is famous for its landscape and its history. It is perfect for travelers who love adventure. Iceland is called “the land of fire and ice”. Iceland offers you to experience so many things like a blue lagoon, horse riding, waterfall, lakes, and ice caves. Here you can see the Northern lights. But glacier hiking in Iceland is unique. It will be a cool experience as you will be hiking directly on ice. The glacier hiking takes about 3 hours. The most amazing as well as thrilling fact about this hiking is that there will be no physical barriers. And you can fall as the ice is slippery. So be ready for your crampons and enjoy the thrilling experience. Another amazing fact about this glacier hiking is that you can experience the temperature of 4 degrees centigrade in spring, it is 12 degrees centigrade in summer, and below zero degrees in winter, so you can experience all snow, sun, and rain.

5)     Ningaloo Coast – The Ningaloo Coast is located in western Australia. It is a world heritage site. The closest town to Ningaloo Reef is Exmouth. Exmouth is a small town near the coast. Ningaloo  Reef has the world’s highest rate of whale sharks, and how will the excitement level be when you get a chance to swim with these Whale Sharks, the largest fish in the ocean? Yes! You heard right. It is the safest place to swim. Besides whale sharks, you can see sea turtles and corals here. There is an abundance of these water bodies. On summer days, the temperature of the water is from 30 to 40 degrees centigrade, and in winter, it reaches around 25 degrees. It is a perfect beach throughout the year. The whale shark season in the Ningaloo Reef is from march to august. At this time, you will get to see Whale sharks frequently. It is highly recommended to go to The Ningaloo Coast.

So by recommending these 5 adventure spots, I would like to advise you to be safe and healthy and enjoy your life now so that you don’t have regrets in your future.

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