Top 10 Restaurant In Delhi

Top 10 Restaurant In Delhi

It takes courage to declare any city “India’s Culinary Capital,” but Delhi makes a strong argument. Visitors are in luck when it comes to delectable food worth gorging on because the flavors that characterize this vibrant metropolis’s cuisine are inextricably related to its spirit. It’s not simple to choose the greatest restaurants in Delhi, but we’re more than willing to slog through this real food mountain to deliver you, the reader, the goods. What can one anticipate from Delhi’s best cuisine?

Quite a few, to put it mildly. The capital of India is an exhilaratingly heterogeneous city, and delicious food can be found everywhere, from upscale restaurants to mouthwatering street vendors.

Even though India is a very intense country, these flavors will make your taste senses dance. That is a very bizarre thought, but not literally.

Top 10 Restaurant In Delhi

●  Bukhara

Without a doubt, the most authentic Indian culinary experiences can be had in Bukhara. Along with the slow-cooked dal Bukhara, the restaurant’s distinctive (and enormous) hot naans and malai kebabs will take your palate on a delightful journey. In the earthy, rustic surroundings, eating with your hands is also encouraged. Make a reservation, I advise you.

●  Rajinder Da Dhaba

The owner of Rajinder De Dhaba, who first opened a small counter in Safdarjung Enclave Market years ago, has now expanded to add five additional “pseudo counters” to his roster. This restaurant, which serves mutton seekh kebabs and malai tikka rolls on plastic silver dishes, is the best place to truly experience a dhaba. Prepare to wait in line for your food; it will be worthwhile.

●  Olive Restaurant & Kitchen

Sujan Sarkar, a famous chef, is in charge of Olive Bar & Kitchen, which has an almost European feel and is situated among shops and bars in a row of cobblestoned streets. It has become a classic location for Sunday brunch with Mediterranean cuisine because of the bohemian ambiance and outdoor courtyard.

●  Indian accent

Indian chef Manish Mehrotra’s inventive fusion menu features items like blue cheese naan and chicken tikka meatballs, which literally add international flavours to Indian cuisine. The upscale Lodhi Hotel is home to the restaurant, which also has outposts in New York and London. The chef’s six-course tasting menu is highly recommended; each course is accompanied with a wine selection.

●  Bo Tai

This wonderfully designed rooftop restaurant and bar, which is perhaps Delhi’s hottest spot, is gradually winning over locals. The picturesque Mehrauli restaurant offers an experimental Thai menu with some unique must-tries, such tamarind crab cakes, and the ethereal Qutub Minar is only around the corner.

●  Pizzeria Leo

This charming and eccentric pizza restaurant, which is a bit of a hidden gem, offers mouthwatering freshly made pies every day. Named after the owner’s dog, Leo, you’ll find sweet pictures of the late Leo all over the place. There’s also funky old-school rock music playing in the background and a cozy atmosphere.

●  Sagar Ratna

Sagar Ratna is a one-stop shop for South Indian food, serving wonderfully crispy, paper-thin packed dosas and small idlis with efficiency (mostly vegetarian). The original location in Defence Colony Market is absolutely magical despite the fact that there are franchises all over the city. Don’t miss out on the South Indian coffee served in a unique steel glass.

●  Greenr

Greenr, an extremely adorable café with a co-working space section, is generating a lot of excitement because 80% of its menu is vegan. Everything is made on site, even the ketchup, and the cosy industrial atmosphere offers it the ideal setting to appreciate the plant-based cuisine. Have your phone close by if you want to Shazam the song.

●      Town Hall

The interior design of Town Hall is colonially inspired, featuring several seating areas amid high ceilings, a stacked library, and vintage room dividers. The extensive menu of international food offers a wide variety of options, but bear in mind that sushi is chef Augusto Cabrera’s specialty. You might want to stay for drinks after dinner at this popular dining location in the famous Khan Market because it becomes funky after night.

●      Karim’s

The best Mughlai food in the world is probably served at this famous restaurant, which has been around since 1913. Even the journey to get here through Old Delhi’s winding lanes is famous. A short distance from Jama Masjid, the restaurant’s original construction has historical significance. The renowned brain curry and mutton bara should not be missed.

Numerous other international cuisines are also well-liked by Delhi inhabitants in addition to Indian food. Roadside kiosks can be found all across this bustling city, and street cuisine is also highly well-liked there. It is believed that popular dishes from around the world, like tandoori chicken, originated in Delhi. For visitors to truly experience a city, going on a cuisine tour is practically a need.

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