The Best 5 Cafes That Allow You A Date With Your Fur Babies

The Best 5 Cafes That Allow You A Date With Your Fur Babies

Unable to hang out with your most loyal best friend with four legs? Although everyone is busy with their love partners, visiting and having a meal with your cute little furry baby could be a perfect icebreaker for your hectic routine. So enjoy your date with the one who can make every aspect of your life more beautiful and perfect here are the best 5 cafes that will provide delicious and sumptuous meals for both of you with quality time. Isn’t it paw nastic, We bet! it is


A cute little café for your cute little friend which also allows you to interact with other owners and find a company for your puppers. The entire place has a paw-based theme In addition to puppychino also offers a lip-smacking spread for dog owners as well and has a beautiful dog menu mainly to ensure that everyone is pampered. Here, therefore, it also provides a dog spa to take care of your pet’s grooming needs. In case you want to celebrate your doggo’s birthday, this is the right place for you! Overall a great place to visit. Highly recommended.


This café will help your furry friends where they can enjoy themselves to their fullest. The primary attraction of this place is that it contains a pool in it. Moreover, they also serve dog spa facilities and a pet boarding facility. They also provide a full-fetch grass area so that you can play with your pet. The food here is very reasonable with a lot of varieties. To enjoy this beautiful beloved place you just have to pay INR 500 for your dog while the parent entry is free of cost. Your dog will make tons of friends over here to add on. They also have candy stores over there. Perfect tingy and tangy menus are also available for you guys.


The only café that will make you hear barks and meows; furthermore, they will also help you to make your pet train better in the presence of highly professional staff. That’s not all. Your cuddly pal can enjoy the splash of a swimming pool with boarding facilities wherein the temperature is controlled indoors as well as in the outdoor area. Moreover, if you are looking for grooming, boarding, pet travel, and organizing your pet’s birthday or your own birthday, you can rely on these folks anytime. On top of that, they schedule events such as comedy nights, musical evenings, and so much more. Their services are available all across DELHI NCR


Ever tried a pizza with your dog while sitting just next to you?

Leo’s pizzeria serves the best pizzas in a very quaint space, not just for you but for your pets as well. The menu is minimal here, which makes it very easy to decide on your order. To acknowledge everyone, this restaurant has been named after the death of the owner’s pet dog, named Leo; hence you can see multiple images of his dog at the entrance. This place has a very homely vibe which makes you feel very positive, which is the next best thing after pizzas. In case you don’t have a dog but love to pet these cute babies as it is a full dog house every Thursday. Grab your pizzas as soon as possible with your favorite poochie pie.


A café that provides food according to the pet’s preference. The chef is so trained and skilled that the pets couldn’t resist finishing their bowls, whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. They also have birthday treats available at a very affordable price. Additionally, the ambiance of this café will sway not only you but your dog as well. This café is blended with the concept of a bikers theme, which will give you a very sporty and thriller experience furthermore, you will meet other species of animal as well, so it will make it more animal-friendly as compared to other animal cafes. This is a very unique café for pets as well as their parents; hence it will also provide you with great services with a really pleasant ambiance.

We have listed the best cafes in the town which can truly rejuvenate your mind and gather lots of positivity around you while just spending a wonderful time with your pet. What better way can you get rid of your worries in a stress-filled society? The sole purpose of a dog café is to provide some space so that you can pamper them according to your own heart’s desire; hence you can enjoy them without any restrictions and disturbances.

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