Best Romantic Places For Dinner Dates In Delhi NCR

Best Romantic Places For Dinner Dates In Delhi NCR

Finding the right place for an intimate romantic date in a city like Delhi is not child’s play. The capital city, famous for its street food, is also loaded with numerous cafes, bistros, restaurants, and cafes. Hence finding the best romantic places for dinner dates in Delhi, NCR, may be a difficult job.

If you are looking to impress your bae with some surprise or want to take her out on a birthday, whatever it may be, if you are someone gazing to dine in the Best Romantic Restaurants in Delhi, NCR, we have some hot picks for you, which you must explore. To help you enjoy a cozy time in Delhi NCR, we have yanked the top 6 best romantic places for dinner dates. Go scan it out.

  • Olive Bar and Kitchen

Delhi, with political fame, also has the most glamorous and romantic edge too. To hang out with your boo, Olive Bar and Kitchen is a perfect, peaceful place where you can enjoy the most lovely feasts. It also offers you a cushy time with its incredible music and delightful Mediterranean decor, and classy atmosphere. The excellent food makes it perfect for Romantic dates and chill-outs. You must visit it once for sure.

Location– Olive Bar and KitchenOne Style Mile, Haveli No 6, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Budget– Rs 4000 (couple)

  • Ottimo At Westview

Located in a posh ITC Maurya with West View, Ottimo At Westview offers breathtaking views of Delhi, NCR. You must visit this place, which offers extravagant choices and quality food which includes Western Cuisine, Freshly baked loaves of bread, lots of various grilled slices of meat, and much more. The ambiance of the Restaurant is soothing to the eye. It kinda relaxes you, which makes the experience in Ottimo At Westview grand and lavish. It is the perfect best romantic place for a dinner date.

Location– Ottimo At Westview, ITC Maurya, Diplomatic Enclave, Delhi.

Budget-Rs 6,600 (Couple)

  • Sevilla The Claridges, New Delhi

Devil’s is the most romantic, ravishing dining destination in Delhi NCR, and you must give it a must-shot. It offers you both a choice of indoor and outdoor sitting which make it an excellent venue for your upcoming dates. Devil’s Claridges features 5 little pavilions if you wish to sit indoors. It is certainly the most romantic and beautiful date place you may have ever visited. This dreamy restaurant, with its impressive menu, consists of European and Moroccan preparations. Must have in Sevilla are Patatas Bravas, Spanish Omelette, Pizza Margherita, and Cauliflower Risotto

Location- Sevilla, The Claridges, New Delhi

Cost– Rs 3,500 per couple

  • Leo

If you as a couple love eating Pizza, then you must surely visit Leo Restaurant, which is situated at Vasant Vihar in Delhi. Leo is a heaven place for all the pizza ppl lovers out, which offers a variety of different ways to have fun and enjoy cozy moments while you order Pizza and drinks. The decor of this cafe may not be very romantic as such, but it’s very modern, classy, and elegant. The place is excellent to come with your love or friends and family.

Location– Leo, Vasant Vihar, Delhi.

Cost -Rs1700 (couple)

  • Le Cirque

Le-Cirque is a French-Italian Restaurant that offers refined French Italian Cuisine. It gives you an awesome spot with great vibes, perfect for romantic dates.

If you are in the mood to spoil your sweetheart, then look no further, as Le Cirque is our favorite choice. The first-ever Asian Restaurant which provides you with a similar touch of French Italian New York Restaurant feel is Le-Cirque. It offers faultless food service and an amazing, memorable experience. You should give Le-Cirque a trying spot for lovers.

Location- Le-Cirque, Leela Palace, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri

Expense- Rs 5000 (couple)

  • Music and Mountains-Hillside Cafe

This cafe is a great place to rebound with your loved ones then Music and Mountain -Hillside cafe is a must. It provides an intimate, pleasant ambiance. The interior of the cafe is made up of a thick wooden block ceiling and yellow light bulbs hanging out to make it very much appealing and give customers a soothing experience. The Music and Mountain -Hillside cafe is situated in Block Market, New Delhi. You can enjoy a plate of Sherwood in Sherwood Salami Pizza which is pure love to eat. You should definitely give me a chance to visit this place with your love.

Location- Music and Mountain -Hillside Cafe, MOB lock Market, New Delhi

Budget-Rs 2,100 (couple)

We hope we have come up to Mark on the top 6 Best Romantic Places for dinner dates in Delhi, NCR. Now it’s time for you don’t delay and plan a date with your bae and make her feel loved and special.

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